Senior Thesis: Collection of Home

Spring 2023
editorial / typography / print / illustration / branding

Collection of Home, Place Identity: Recontextualizing Urban Spaces and its Relationship with Identity

BU 2023 Graphic Design Senior Thesis: Collection of Home is a case study of the place identity concept and how it impacts people’s perception of home by collecting and recontextualizing submitted stories into a visual system.

Installed and presented at the EDIFICE: [Lived In] Exhibition in May 2023.

Print Deliverables

Developed a branding for thesis project and a visual system to filter research into design deliverables. Applied visual system to zines, pamphlets, and interactive ingallery designs.

[Risograph Pamphlets]

Filtering submitted responses about individuals place identity into a visual system all design choices including colors, and layouts guided the creation of 5 pamphlets of 5 place identities.

[Illustrative Zine]

Due to not all responses having the same amount of content half of the the responses could not be used to create full pamphlet designs. However, still wanting to represent each entry submitted, the solution was to create an editorial zine featuring showcasing all 10 submitted stories.

Each entry included an illustration based on images submitted by each person, and a written story about each person’s relationship to home.

Interactive Gallery Deliverables

Final requirements of thesis was presenting design deliverables in a gallery space on BU campus. With the opportunity to present our work in a gallery setting I developed deliverables that would take advantage of this opportunity to collect more stories from gallery guests. This included asking from guests to answer prompts relating to place identity and placing stickers of where their home is on a map.

[Prompt Notepads]

One form of engagement made for the gallery was the prompt notepads. These 5 notepads each had a written prompt relating to the topic of home. Ranging from simple answer questions to more complex indepth prompts:

  1. Draw your image of home
  2. Use one word to describe your image of home
  3. What is your favorite thing about home?
  4. What is your definition of home?
  5. Do you think the place where someone is from gives insight into who they are as a person?

[World Map]

Another form of engagement was the world map stickering. To enhance the interactive aspect, a printed map was exhibited alongside the prompts “Put Your Home On The Map” and “Add A Sticker To The Map” As gallery guest contributed to the map, it evolved into a visual representation highlighting the diverse array of hometowns beyond the borders of the United States.