3D Modeling / Design

[Lived In] Exhibition
SketchUp / Adobe Ilustrator

Worked as the Lead Exhibition Designer for the BU BFA graphic design thesis gallery space at 808 Commonwealth Ave. Gallery. Held the responsibility of curating an engaging and visually appealing exhibition space. This includes organizing the placement of walls to create distinct sections, ensuring an effective division of space for each of the 41 thesis designs. Additionally, in charge of meticulously arranging furniture elements to enhance the exhibition experience.

VAR*RL Rebrand Proposal
SketchUp / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Indesign

Designing based on thesis question: How does physical space initiate conversation and build community? The focus of this project was developing a rebrand and installation proposal for Boston University's SVA Library located at 855 Commonwealth Ave. – VAR*RL had the intension of redesigning their space. They disucssed their need to develop a sketchup model of VAR*RL to propose a remodel of the space.
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