Impact & Empathy:
VAR*RL Rebrand Proposal

Fall 2022
branding / 3D design / construction

Sketchup Model of VAR*RL by Julia So
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Collaborative Graphic design rebranding project:
Impact & Empathy Project designed with Claire Collins, ︎︎︎Danielle Chang, and ︎︎︎Michelle Nie. Designing based on thesis question: How does physical space initiate conversation and build community? The focus of this project was developing a rebrand and installation proposal for Boston University's SVA Library located at 855 Commonwealth Ave.

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Wooden Frame

In order to address VAR*RL’s need for better wayfinding and event display our team decided to make a wooden frame. The intension of the frame is to display information such as VAR*RL’s hours, wayfinding and event information. Michelle Nie designed the frame to be able to hold poster designs with dimensions ranging from 8.5x11” to 24x36”.
    Dimensions of the frame drafted by Michelle Nie and assembles in the woodshop by Julia So. Dani Chang’s Acrylic signage later applied to wooden frame.

Wooden Shelves

Boston University has two College of Fine Arts buildings (855 & 808 Commonwealth Ave.). Per VAR*RL’s request our team looked for solutions to advertise to students in 808 that VAR*RL at 855 was a resourse. Wooden shelve (crafted at the woodshop) and vinyl signage were designed and desplayed in 808 to advertise VAR*RL.

Sketchup Model

VAR*RL had the intension of redesigning their space. They disucssed their need to develop a sketchup model of VAR*RL to propose a remodel of the space. 

A sketchup model was design of the space and based on VAR*RL’s concerns the furniture in the space was rearranged. For example, VAR*RL pointed out that the books are always in direct sunlight. As a solution the shelves were flipped parallel to the wall to avoid as much sunlight as possible.

SVA Library newsletter designs using the VAR*RL Visual System


We talked about how this project is an example for sophomores and juniors on how to get involved in their community. We discussed how to pass on this project to future students as a potential work study or UROP project. As a team, we understood the importance of creating a community through a physical space and creating opportunities for future students. All deliverables were delivered to and displayed at the SVA library. Now the VAR*RL visual system is being implemented by the SVA Library for posters, newsletters, and more!

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