Motion Graphics

Reliving Memories
Risograph Printing / Adobe AfterEffects  / Adobe Illustrator

Editorial design assignment to collect and curate Wikipedia page content onto a 4.25x11” pamphlet, selected article was on Functionalism Architecture: The project parameters are black and white, two typefaces, and a total of three type sizes.
Length – 15 seconds
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Multiple Formats
Adobe AfterEffects / Adobe Illustrator
A motion graphic typography poster produced for the ︎︎︎2022 Multiple Formats Contemporary Art Book Symposium at Boston University. This poster was part of a series organized by Boston University Graphic Design students and was projected at the Peter Fuller Building, 808 Commonwealth Ave. – 2022 Design System by ︎︎︎Chen Luo
Dimensions 17x11”

Annecy Festival Rebrand
Adobe AfterEffects / Procreate

Motion graphics reband assignment to redesign the animated visuals of an event. – The Annecy International Animation Film Festival is an annual event that is a global showcase for the best in animated filmmaking, bringing together industry professionals, filmmakers, and enthusiasts to celebrate and explore the diverse and innovative world of animation.

You Are The Filter
Adobe AfterEffects / Procreate

An interactive project designed in response to the phrase “You Are The Filter”. An animation project that incorporates people's perspective in the design. Each frame of the animation was colored in by a different person from a diverse group resulting in "filter" frames.