Sight of Sound: Reliving Memories

Fall 2022
branding / editorial / motion graphics / print

Reliving Memories: Risograph Animation by Julia So

Sight of Sound is a risograph installation curated by the class of 2023 senior graphic design students. Individual projects of the installation designed in pairs based on selected sounds. Installed at the 5th floor gallery of 855 Commonwealth Ave at Boston University. 

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Constraints on the project include a 15-second stop-motion animation using the Risograph with only typography and including 4x6” in postcards. Partnered with Michelle Nie we worked with our agreed upon theme of nostalgia. We based our design on the song Epiphany from the Pixar film Soul.


The Sight of Sound exhibition opened on Nov.11, 2022 at 6:00 pm at the 5th Floor Gallery at 855 Commonwealth Ave.

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