Collection of Home
Adobe Indesign / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Indesign / Risograph / Illustration

BU 2023 Graphic Design Senior Thesis: Collection of Home is a case study of the place identity concept and how it impacts people’s perception of home by collecting and recontextualizing submitted stories into a visual system

VAR*RL Rebrand Proposal
Adobe Illustrator / SketchUp

Impact & Empathy Project designed with Claire Collins, ︎︎︎Danielle Chang, and ︎︎︎Michelle Nie. Designing based on thesis question: How does physical space initiate conversation and build community? The focus of this project was developing a rebrand and installation proposal for Boston University's SVA Library located at 855 Commonwealth Ave.
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BU Men’s Hockey
Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop

Designer for Agganis Arena and Boston University Men's Hockey Team in charge of social media postings, posters, and in-game digital screen designs. Designs seen by over 39,000 followers on @terrierhockey Instagram page, an average of over 4000 attendees of home games, and advertised all around campus. After the regular season, the team went on to win the Hockey East championship and advanced to the NCAA National Championships — the “Frozen Four.” This catapulted BU Men’s Hockey and these subsequent designs into the national spotlight.

Reliving Memories
Adobe AfterEffects / Adobe Illustrator / Risograph

Projects designed in pairs based on selected sounds. Installed at the 5th floor gallery of 855 Commonwealth Ave at Boston University. – Deliverables include a 15-second stop-motion animation using the Risograph with only typography and including 4x6” in postcards. Partnered with Michelle Nie we worked with our agreed upon theme of nostalgia. We based our design on the song Epiphany from the Pixar film Soul.
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Libraries Design
Adobe Indesign / Adobe Photoshop

Employed as a Designer for the Greene Scholars Creative Team in charge of designing posters, social media postings, etc. for Boston University Library events and resources