Exhibition Design

Collection of Home
Adobe Indesign / Adobe Photoshop

BU 2023 Graphic Design Senior Thesis: Collection of Home is a case study of the Place Identity Concept and how it impacts people’s perspective of home by collecting and recontextualizing submitted stories into a visual system. – Two of the thesis deliverables was designed to take advantage of the ︎︎︎[Lived In] exhbition to create an interactive space for gallery guest’s to share their stories about their home and place identity.

[Lived In]
Adobe Indesign

Worked as the Lead Exhibition Designer for the BU BFA graphic design thesis gallery space at 808 Commonwealth Ave. Gallery. Held the responsibility of curating an engaging and visually appealing exhibition space. This includes organizing the placement of walls to create distinct sections, ensuring an effective division of space for each of the 41 thesis designs. Additionally, in charge of meticulously arranging furniture elements to enhance the exhibition experience.

Sight of Sound
Letter Press / Lino Cut / Photopolymer

Sight of Sound – An exhibition gallery hosted by the class of 2023 Senior, installed at the 5th floor gallery of 855 Commonwealth Ave at Boston University. Work presented student interpretation of sound and music as visual imagery, using risograph printing as the main medium.
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Existential Dream
Adobe Indesign / Adobe Photoshop

Existential Dream is an exhibition design project created based on the space ︎︎︎Spazio Punch based in Venice, Italy.  Created a mock exhibition event using selected artist ︎︎︎James Jeans work, titled Existential Dream. Project consisted of poster design, branding, and layout design.